Bucks`N Barter_Invitation_small.jpg

Bucks 'N Barter (2013)

Self-organised and co-curated exhibition with Friederike Daumiller and Katrin Spranger. Graphic concept by Daniela Wiesemann.

Premiered in March 2013 Munich, at Galerie Kullucku, Schmuck 2013. Also shown in November 2013 in Amsterdam, during Sieraad Art Fair.

Keywords: trade, barter, currency, self-organised exhibition

From the marketplaces and caravanserais along the main trade routes of the past, to trade fairs across the world, to the virtually borders-free platform represented by the internet, how we live today, with what or whom we identify and how, has been defined through the exchange not only of currencies, goods, precious ornaments and metals but also of knowledge and revolutionary ideas. Few other things are able to tell us of the world we live in today as do the origins, development and history of world trade. The artistic works gathered in the exhibition each unravels an own, yet interconnected thread within a complex and multifaceted topic, that of the human tendency to trade and exchange and how this has shaped not only the society we live in but also the way we perceive and relate to things and materials.


Participating artists: Beatrice Brovia, Nicolas Cheng, Hilde De Decker, Richard Elenbaas, Prang Lerttaweewit, Tzu Ling Li, Kajsa Lindberg, Katrin Spranger.

Scenography: Friederike Daumiller

Exhibition catalogue published in Stockholm, with interview text by Ben Lignel and introduction text by Christina Zetterlund.