Kino (2014)

Keywords: screens, desire, conflict minerals

From the 'silver screen' of cinema, to computer and television, to the screen of smart phones, Kino looks at the screen as an ambiguous embodiment of entertainment, human desire and consumption. A short film, a screen made from fine silver ‘pixels’, and a brooch made from the conflict minerals gold and tantalum and e-waste recovered from smartphones’ touchscreens, together reflect on these notions.

We carry these minerals in our pockets, as they form the foundation for functioning electronic devices, our mobile phones above all. The brooch, at once reflective and transparent, subtly points to this aspect: We can see through it, but it also shows our reflections, implicating us in a material system based on demand, extraction, supply, and consumption, and whose exploitative mechanisms are very hard to control, let alone escape.