On The Doorway (2011)

Keywords: doorhandle, agency, material semiotics, private-public

“In Germany there were twins, and while one opened doors with his right arm, the other closed them with his left.” (Alberto Magno)

[...] The series of jewels/doorhandles called “On The Doorway” by Beatrice Brovia and Nicolas Cheng looks at both meanings that the expression conversation piece has assumed throughout history: bourgeois painterly genre and instrument of sociality. The objects they have created transcend the common role or ornament for the body that the tradition of applied arts confers upon the jewel, and instead try to establish a dialogue with other everyday supports. The gaze of the two makers comes to rest upon elements of the domestic setting that have an intrinsic ornamental quality, a craftsmanship that is even vaguely precious, while boasting a precise function — in this case the handles and knobs on doors, devices whose function implicates, as for the jewel, interaction with the human body. [...]

Excerpt from the catalogue text by Michele D’Aurizio, 2011